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Homemade ToothBrush

Image of Daatuns

Imagine substituting your tooth brush with a twig, toothpaste with natural juices and your tongue cleaner with the same chewed twig.

Daatun is basically a 6 to 7 inch long piece of a stem of the Neem, Guava, or Banyan or Gulmoha tree, preferably freshly plucked from the tree. The Natural Toothbrush is also taken from the root of the Araak (Salvadora Persica) tree. Cut off the top of pouch and slide the toothbrush out. Gently chew the end of the brush to soften the bristles. After use each day, just peel back another layer at the point (removing any germs that came from the mouth) and start again. Place it in a holder so it retains its natural moisture (if the toothbrush should dry out, simply place in water for 10 minutes to re-hydrate).

Fruit Teeth Cleaners:
  • Rub a lemon rind on your teeth to remove brown stains. Rinse your mouth thoroughly afterward.
  • Clean your teeth with a fresh strawberry. Rub it over and between your teeth.