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Genetic Engineering
Tissue culture of Orchids

Orchids are beautiful, mysterious and slow groiwng pernnial plants which can be easily cultured in your home (lab). Everything a living plant needs as a heterotrophic organism (that is, when growing in vitro) must be available to it through the nutrient medium. The nutrition is more specific and sensitive than for an adult pot-plant and for plants living in situ .

Benefits of Modern plant biotechnology

Modern biotechnology is the latest stage in the development of plant breeding technology. It can be used to slow down the process of spoilage so that fruit can ripen longer on the plant and then be transported to the consumer with a still reasonable shelf life. This improves the taste, texture and appearance of the fruit. More importantly, it could expand the market for farmers in developing countries due to the reduction in spoilage.

The Process of Plant Genetic Engineering

The genetic improvement of crop plants for the benefit of society through the development of novel breeding methodologies and the discovery and deployment of economically important genes.