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Effects of Poppy Seeds

 Image of Poppy Seeds

Little is known on the chronical effects due to the widespread usage of different weedkillers or herbicides, nevertheless by limited studies available, a lot of these weedkillers have been related with cancer disease, central nervous system disorders, birth physical handicaps, behaviour changes, skin diseases, etc. on human beings.

For example, chemical compounds chrolinated organ cause mutagenic effects, the phosphorated organ compounds accumulate themselves in the organism’s greasy tissues up to levels that alter its metabolism becoming clear in poisonings and nervous disorders. These are common poppy seeds effects.

The glyphosphate could be the cause of cancer problems in individuals exposed within its action range because in its molecular structure is present a characteristic that are proved carcinogenic substances (a zone with highly positive electric charges density), even if this zone is central and it is not extreme, against what it happens among the great majority of carcinogenic cells reported by science. Directly exposed, the glyphosphate’s molecule has a low risk factor of inducing carcinogenic formations in individuals exposed to it but a little is known of its derived substances that would be formed within the organism, increasing this possibility.

Fumigations with glyphosphate substances imply more risks than those that have been officially addmited. There are neither convincing evidence of its dangerousness nor its harmlessness.

Even though the way of using heroine has changed in recent time, drug addicts consume it in oral form and inject themselves intravenously after being heated (take the dragon by the tail). The intravenous injection is the fastest way to feel its effects (between seven to eight seconds). The intramuscular injection acts slower, that is, between seven to eight minutes. Although intravenous injection is the main channel, it has been observed in first world countries a tendency to inhale it or smoke it (follow the dragon). Heroine regular usage produces a tolerance to this drug, this means that a drug addict must use higher and higher doses to get the same effects. After the injection or inhalation comes a pleasant sensation (rush). The intensity depends on the drug amount. The “rush” goes with skin redness, a slight temperature’s increase, mouth dryness, full feeling in the extremities, nausea ocasionally, vomit, and intense itch.

Popy seeds effects have a strong economic impact (leaving of traditional farming), social (an increasing number of single mothers, little family interaction, an increase in alcohol consumption and criminality), environmental (deforestation), and cultural (identity loss threat, supporting poppy use instead traditional medicine).