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Importance of Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera for Acne, burn, and hair loss:

For Acne Aloe vera gel comes from the aloe plant. It is a clear, cool, transparent gel that used topically for a number of skin problems, including acne. It contains enzymes that relieve pain and reduce inflammations. It also decreases redness and swelling and have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

All of this makes them an excellent choice to reduce acne and improve the overall healthiness of your skin . For the treatment of acne with Aloe vera, wash and dry your face thoroughly and then apply a thin layer of the gel Aloe vera. It can actually be applied anywhere you have acne, like your back for example.

Aloe vera gel absorbs into the skin quickly and works best when allowed to dry in the open air, so don't put any clothing over the affected areas until the gel has been absorbed thoroughly. For Burn The healing properties of Aloe vera for burns are undeniable. It helps formation of new skin cells and hastens healing.

This plant has the amazing ability to provide essential nutrients needed to promote healthy tissue growth by the reducing inflammation and killing bacteria and other foreign organisms that thrive on damaged skin cells caused by burns. Aloe vera’s cooling effect offers instant relief from burns and will typically prevent, or greatly reduce, blistering when applied immediately after receiving a burn. For Subburn Aloe vera works as an effective pain reliever and acts as a cooling agent on the surface. It contains salicylic acid. The same pain killing agent found in aspirin. Aloe vera contains two anti-inflammatory agents, gibberellins and glycans. These are very effective at decreasing inflammation, which in turn promotes healing. Aloe vera has healing powers when it comes to severe burns, because it has the ability to prevent blistering and scarring.

For Beldness Aloe vera is very important for hair loss. A proven, natural treatment for weakening and thinning hair, Aloe vera has gained a reputation as a very effective and tremendously popular healing plant, literally, a cure-all, and especially as the most deserving gift of nature to balding folks. Nearly every cosmetic store carries a vast variety of Aloe vera-containing shampoos, tinctures, conditioners, and creams. The value of this plant lies in its capacity to swiftly regenerate damaged cells and tissues, including those of hair roots, shafts, and follicles. Indians, Native Americans and Caribbeans have used Aloe vera to promote healthy hair and prevent hair loss since ages. It balances the pH of the scalp and heals from within. Aloe vera is also helpful in cleansing the pores. A general remedy of Aloe vera gel with coconut milk and small amount of wheat germ oil used as a shampoo has shown great benefits. Aloe vera surely helps to stop hair loss.

For conditioning, after wash your hair, take Aloe vera and run it through your hair with your fingers. Let it stand for a few minutes and then rinse it out. For using an Aloe vera plant, take as many leaves as necessary and refrigerate them. This will add an extra cooling effect when applied to the affected area. Then simply split the leaves and open them up to expose the gel inside. Cleanse affected area and apply liberally as needed.