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Uses of Celery Seeds

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Celery seed is a popular herbal medicine used in Ayurveda. Modern studies have confirmed the health benefits of consuming celery seeds. Celery seeds are a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese. The seeds contain moderate amounts of vitamin B6, zinc, copper, phosphorous and dietary fiber. It also contains plant compounds such as flavonoids and coumarins.

  • Celery seeds are effective in treating gout. Uric acid build up in the body is associated with development of gout.
  • They can be used for thinning blood. Intake of celery seeds could help to prevent heart diseases and stroke resulting from clotting of blood.
  • Studies have shown that intake of celery seeds could cause moderate reduction in the blood pressure level.
  • Celery seeds could help to lower the total cholesterol level in the blood stream. These seeds can help obese and overweight individuals to lose weight.
  • Studies have shown that celery seeds could protect the liver from harmful toxins. People on long-term pain relieving medications could prevent liver damage by consuming celery seeds.
  • It is believed that celery seeds could prevent development of malignant cells, and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.