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Image of Cranberries

Order: Ericales
Family: Ericaceae
Genus: Vaccinium


  • Vaccinium erythrocarpum
  • Vaccinium macrocarpon
  • Vaccinium microcarpum
  • Vaccinium oxycoccos


Cranberries are a group of evergreen dwarf shrubs or trailing vines, mainly grow in the cooler regions of the world such as Canada. The fruit is a berry that is larger than the leaves of the plant; it is initially white, but turns a deep red when fully ripe. It is edible, with an acidic taste that can overwhelm its sweetness.

Cranberries are among the top foods with proven health benefits. About 95% of cranberries are processed into products such as juice drinks, sauce, and sweetened dried cranberries. The remaining are sold fresh to consumers.


  • Treats Urinary Tract Infections
  • Fights Cancers
  • Fights Heart Disease
  • Helps Kidney and Bladder Problems
  • Prevents Dental Problems
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Anti-Aging Properties
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Relieves Skin Conditions