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Home Decorating With Plants

Image1: Home Decorating With Plants
Home decor should aim at creating a welcoming feeling and make guest feel at home. It may also be based on themes. Plants make beautiful additions to any room’s decor. Here are a few tips for decorating with plants you might find helpful. Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes and health reasons such as indoor air purification. All houseplants require specific growing conditions to survive and flourish. The most important factors in growing healthy houseplants are light, water, fertilizer, temperature, humidity, and air circulation. Most flowering houseplants are tropical or summer plants.

The Three Types of Houseplants:

  • Flowering: Flowering houseplants have buds that produce flowers, which can last from a few days to several months.  depending on the species. Examples include orchids and irises .
  • Foliage: Plants marked by attractive leaves (but no flowers). Foliage plants also tend to be long-lived. Examples include ferns and ivy.
  • Succulent: Plants that originate from dry climates and therefore have thick leaves used to store water. Examples include aloe and cacti.
Flowering Houseplants
 Foliage HouseplantsSucculent Houseplants 

Interior Decorating Ideas with Flowers and Plants

Interior design depends on the size of the rooms and the place location the house is situated. One has to consider first the main amenities, next furniture their size and color; then rugs and carpets. A vase or two of fresh flowers is one of the fastest ways to add life and color to a room. Flower arrangements can be large or small, elaborately arranged or simply cut off and plunked in a pitcher. They're all wonderful. Fresh plants will add life, but take some work. Silk plants add color but no life, and need dusting or washing to keep them looking good.

Image1: Home Decorating With Plants
Image2: Houseplants
  • There are hundreds of different houseplants that are fully qualified for filling windowsill displays. Your selection really is a matter of personal preference, just as your choice of architectural and decorating styles is very individual. Some folks prefer the stark lines of cacti; others gravitate toward leafy, bulky plants.
  • Bring plants into the bathroom and create a more spa-like ambience. To adjust the heights, raise the bottom of a deep container with folded fabric, rocks, bricks so the plants will be more visible.
  • For a beautiful centerpiece, use plants with colorful foliage or blooming plants.