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Black Banded (Rhinocladium corticolum)

The causal pathogen of Black Banded disease is Rhinocladium corticolum Massee (perfect state Peziotrichum corticolum (Massee) Subramanian). The disease is noticed on the midribs and veins of leaves, twigs and branches of mango as black valvety fungal growth. The incidence of disease is very low on the main branches.

Disease symptoms appear in the form of black velvety fungal growth on midribs, twigs and branches of mango tree. Since the disease is seen in to black colour bands, hence named as black banded. The infected portion of the bark contains mycelial growth and cluster of conidiophores which confined to upper layer only.


  • Removal of black growth by rubbing, application of Bordeaux / Copper oxychloride paste and spraying of Bordeaux mixture (1%)/Copper oxychloride (0.3%) helps in management of this disease.