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Eupatorium odoratum

Image of Eupatorium odoratum

Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Asamlata (Beng.); Bitter bush (Eng.).
Life cycle:
Native Range: It is native to North America, from Florida and Texas to Mexico and the Caribbean,and has been introduced to tropical Asia, west Africa, and parts of Australia.

Eupatorium odoratum is a species of flowering shrub in the sunflower family. It is aromatic shrub, covered in fine grey hairs.Their stems rounded and blades ovate to diamond shaped, 5-15cm long. Their flowers pale mauve or violet.

Eupatorium odoratum is sometimes grown as a medicinal and ornamental plant. It is used as a traditional medicine in Indonesia. The young leaves are crushed, and the resulting liquid can be used to treat skin wounds.