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World of Roses

Short Description of Roses : Angel Face, Abraham Darby, Lady X, Mary rose, Moonstone, Kaleidoscope, Katherine Morley, Kiboh, L.D. Braithwaite, La Royal, Lace Cascade, Lady Ursula, La Tosca, Le Ann Rimes, Leander, Legend, Little Darling, Love, Love and Peace, Love's Spring, Loving Touch, Madame Hardy, Magic Carpet, Medallion, Minnie Pearl, Mothers Day, Mousseline, New Day, New Era, Old Pink Dailey, Ole, Orange Slippers, etc.

Angel Face

Description: Buds are pointed opening to high centered, deep mauve-lavender flowers. Petals are wavy and edged in darker lavender. Good disease resistance and vigorous, upright and bushy growth. 30 petal count.
Image1: Angel FaceType: Floribunda Rose
Botanical Name: Rosa
Origin: Haight, USA, 1981
Flower Color: Silvery lavender edged with crimson
Foliage Color: Shiny dark green
Fragrant: Citrus
Bloom Time: Summer
Bloom Size: 3 - 4 inches
Height: 2 - 3 feet
Width: 1 - 2 feet
Sun Requirements: Full Sun


Abraham Darby

Image2: Abraham DarbyDescription: A very popular rose indeed. Very large cupped buds of peach to pink. A large strong grower with good disease resistance. Can be grown as a climber; large thorns; long, arching stems;  Blooms produced both singly and in clusters on a 5' bush. It continues blooming well in the fall.
Type: English (Austin)
Flower Color:  Pink peach with yellow reverse. Bloom colour is variable depending on weather-in hot weather there is more apricot and in cool weather more pink.
Flower: Cupped double blooms; single and in clusters; repeats till frost; 60 petals; globular buds.
Foliage Color: Shiny, leathery green leaves
Fragrance: Fruity, heady
Height: 5 to 10 feet



Lady X

Image3: Lady XDescription: Considered the most popular rose group, large flowers with distinct central cone, ideal for cutting, stems range in height from 90-120 cm and regular maintenance. Disease resistance - average.
Type: Hybrid tea
Origin: Bred in France (1965) by Marie-Louise Meilland.
Flower Color:  Mauve or purple blend.
: Repeat flowering
Foliage Color: Leathery
Fragrance: Mild fragrance
Height: 5 to 7 feet



Mary Rose

Image4: Mary roseDescription: One of the easiest English roses to grow. It is a very strong growing deep pink variety with tall healthy growth. Bushy shrub that can be pruned hard and will tolerate some shade. Vigorous, excellent disease resistance, spreading habit.
Type: English (Austin); shrub
Flower Color: Clear pink darkening with age
Flower: Large, cup-shaped, double flowers; repeats; loose blooms
Foliage Color: medium green
Fragrance: Sweet
Height: 4 feet
Sun Requirements: Full Sun




Image5: MoonstoneDescription: Upright habit, vigorous, free flowering, does best in warm climates.
Flower Color: Creamy pink blend
Flower: Large, double blooms; one bloom per stem; repeats
Petal count: 30 to 35
Type: Hybrid tea
Fragrance: Light tea & rose
Foliage Color : Leathery, dark green
Season of Bloom: Early Summer to Late Summer
Height: 4 feet
Sun Requirements: Full Sun Part Shade



Image6: KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope

Description: Shrub,Upright plant; glossy,Good disease resistance and vigorous
Date of Hybridizer: John Walden USA 1998
Parentage: Pink Polyanna x Rainbow's End 
Flower Color: Changing colors from orange to brownish to dark pink to light pink
Foliage Color: dark green
Fragrant: Light damask
Bloom Time: Summer
Height: 3 to 4 feet



Image7: Katherine MorleyKatherine Morley

Description: Compact, dense, bushy habit
Flower: Large clusters of cupped blooms with enfolding petals towards the center
Type: Austin shrub
Flower Color: Soft pink
Fragrant: Strong sweet
Bloom Time: repeats throughout the summer
Height: 3.5 to 4 feet



Image8: KibohKiboh

Scientific Name: Gypsy Carnival
Common Name: Gypsy, Kiboh, Kibo, Gipsy
: Medium, Bushy,Rounded habit and Vigorous
Date of Hybridizer
: Meilland - 1990
: Floribunda
: Double blooms in clusters
Flower Color
: Strawberry red and yellow
: Dark green
: 3 feet


Image9: L.D. BraithwaiteL.D. Braithwaite

Common Name: L.D. Braithwaite; Leonard Dudley Braithwaite
Description: A lovely rich crimson double flower,Spreading, Upright habit
Date of Hybridizer: Austin - 1987
Type: Austin shrub
Flower: Double; long lasting; repeats
Flower Color: Crimson-red
Bloom Time: Fairly good repeat blooms
Fragrance: strong Moderate
Height: 5 feet


La Royal

Image10: La Royal

Common Name: Great Maiden's Blush; Maiden's Blush; Bella Donna; La Royal
Description:  These bushes are tall and arching making a large, beautiful rose with modest branch production; few prickles
Origin: Rosa Canina and Rosa Gallica
Type: Climbing Alba
Flower: Medium size; very double; globular; petals remain slightly incurred on themselves
Flower Color: Pale flush pink; nearly white on outside    
Foliage: Dark green
Bloom Time: Mostly in July
Fragrance: Strong Exceptionally Fragrant
Height: 6 feet


Image11: Lace CascadeLace Cascade

Description: A good medium vigorous climber; good disease resistance; Ovoid buds; repeats throughout the summer; spent blooms fall off freely
Date of Hybridizer: Jackson and Perkins (Warriner) USA, 1992
Parentage: Iceberg x Prarie Fire
Flower Color: White
Foliage Color: dark green
Fragrant: Light sweet
Height: 7 feet


Image12: Lady UrsulaLady Ursula

Description: Good foliage; Strong stems; Vigorous; Good disease resistance
Origin: Introduced 1909
Type: Hybrid tea
Flower: large, smooth, circular petals
Flower Color: Flesh pink
Fragrance: Delicate tea
Height: Tall



Image13: La ToscaLa Tosca

Description: Very free flowering; Vigorous; Medium to long stems; Few thorns; Good disease resistance
Date of Hybridizer: Hybridized by Schwartz, 1900
Type: Hybrid Tea
Flower: Cup-shaped buds; Softand large, almost double flowers with a loose form
Flower Color: silvery pink tinted with rosy white and yellow
Fragrant: Sweet
Bloom Time: from June to fall
Height: Tall



Image14: Le Ann RimesLe Ann Rimes

Common Name: Le Ann Rimes; Cindy Perception
Description: Upright habit; Vigorous; Good cut flower; Free flowering; Long stems with one bloom per stem
Type: Hybrid tea
Flower: Very large, double, high centered blooms; 35 petals
Flower Color: Yellow-pink blend with cream reverse
Fragrant: Strong sweet
Height: 5 feet



Image15: LeanderLeander

Description: Hardy; Vigorous climber; Open habit; Slender stems and few, large thorns; 6 foot spread; Good disease resistance
Flower: Small flowers ; Double-flat blooms and repeats
Flower Color: Creamy pink, to apricot
Foliage Color: Medium to dark green
Fragrant: Strong
Bloom Time: Summer to fall
Height: 7 to 14 feet


Image16: LegendLegend

Common Name: Legend; Top Star
Description: vigorous; upright, bushy habit
Type: Hybrid tea
Flower: Pointed, plump buds; Large blooms; 30 broad petals; Usually borne singly; Young blooms are high centered; Repeats
Flower Color:  Medium red
Foliage Color:  matt, dark green leave
Fragrant: Light
Height:  Medium


Image17: Little DarlingLittle Darling

Description: Good disease resistance; Vigorous; Hardy; Free floweringand spreading habit
Type: Floridunda
Flower: Small buds; 30 petals; double blooms in clusters
Flower Color: Pastel pink brushed with gold and apricot
Fragrant: Light
Height:  4 feet




Image18: LoveLove

Description: Upright habit; good disease resistance; free flowering
Type: Grandiflora
Flower: Short pointed buds; medium, double blooms; 40 petals; medium stems
Flower Color: Scarlet red with silvery white reverse
Fragrant: Light spicy
Height: 4 feet




Image19: Love and PeaceLove and Peace

Type: Hybrid tea
Flower: Large, single stem blooms; repeats
Flower Color: Pink , yellow centered
Foliage Color: Glossy green
Fragrant: Light
Bloom Time



Image20: Love's Spring

Love's Spring

Description: Upright to rounded habit; long stems
Type: Floribunda
Flower: Medium size double blooms; 30 petals; repeats; flowers in clusters
Flower Color: Apricot with coppery-cayenne reverse
Foliage Color: dark green
Fragrant: Musky
Height: 4 to 6 feet



Image21: Loving TouchLoving Touch

Description: vigorous; Long orange buds; Bushy spreading habit
Type: Minature
Flower: small, high centered, double blooms borne singly or in small clusters; 25 petals; recurrent
Flower Color: Apricot
Foliage Color: Semi-glossy, medium green leaves
Fragrant: Light
Height: 2 feet
Sun Requirements: Full Sun



Image21: Madame HardyMadame Hardy

Description: Upright, bushy habit; Some disease resistance; Vigorous; Strong stems
Type: Da Mask
Flower: Yellow globular buds; Clusters of cupped then flat double blooms in mid season
Flower Color: White
Fragrant: Sweet musky
Height: 5 to 6 feet



Image22: Magic CarpetMagic Carpet

Description: Good disease resistance; Vigorous; Spreading habit
Date of Hybridizer: Introduced 1941
Type: Rambler; Wichuriana
Flower: Large, semi-double blooms; 12 petals; Free flowering; Repeats
Flower Color: Yellowish orange-red
Foliage Color: Shiny
Fragrant: Strong spicy
Height: Up to 15 feet


Image23: MedallionMedallion

Description: Upright habit; Large sized, leathery; Best flowers in cool weather; Vigorous; Good stems
Type: Hybrid tea
Flower: Long pointed orange buds; Very large double blooms; 35 petals; Free flowering
Flower Color: Golden apricot
Foliage Color: Light green
Fragrant: Mild fruit
Height: 5 feet


Image24: Minnie PearlMinnie Pearl

Description: Vigorous;   Upright habit
Type: Minature
Flower: Long, elegant buds; One double, high centered bloom per stem
Flower Color: Light pink with darker pink tips and yellow base
Foliage Color: Medium green semi-glossy
Fragrant: Slight
Height: 18 to 24 inches



Image25: Mothers DayMothers Day

Common Name: Mothers Day, Mothersday, Morsdag, Muttertag
Description: Bushy habit
Type: Polyantha
Flower: Small buds; Clusters of medium size, globular flowers; 25 petals; Long lived, ball shaped blooms in clusters
Flower Color: Carnation red
Foliage Color: Glossy, Semi glossy, Small foliage, Dark green
Fragrant: Light
Bloom Time: late spring to frost
Height: 2.5 feet


Image26: MousselineMousseline

Common Name: Alfred de Dalmas; Mousseline
Description: Medium compact shrub; Few thorns; Spoon-shaped leaves; Bud mossy and pointed
Type: Moss
Date of Introduced: In 1855
Flower: Flowers are small; Repeats
Flower Color: Creamy soft pink
Foliage Color: Green
Fragrant: Sweet
Height: 4 feet


Image27: New dayNew Day

Description: Vigorous; Good cut flower; Upright, bushy habit
Type: Hybrid tea
Flower: Cup-shaped buds; 30 petals; Large, double, high centered blooms; Repeats
Flower Color: Clear medium yellow
Foliage Color: Light green grayish
Fragrant: Mild fruity
Height: 4 feet



Image28: New Era

New Era

Common Name: Rosie O'Donnel; Win-Win; Ninety Niner; New Era
Description: Long stems; Good cut flower; Tolerates heat and drought; Good disease resistance; 4 foot spread; Upright habit
Type: Hybrid tea
Flower: High, well positioned buds; 4 inch double blooms on long stems; petals are gently curved; 35 petals
Flower Color: Scarlet with creamy ivory reverse
Foliage Color:  dark, semi-glossy green
Fragrant: Light
Height: 3.5 feet


Image29: Old Pink DaileyOld Pink Dailey

Common Name: Old Blush China; Yue Yue Fen; Monthly Pink; Pallida; Parson's Pink; Monthly Rose
Description: Free flowering
Date of Introduced
:  In 1752
Type: China
Flower: 2.5 inch semi-double, loosely shaped flowers in large clusters; petals curl at edge; repeats
Flower Color: Pale silvery pink; Color deepens with age to reddish pink; Lilac-pink to dark pink
Fragrant: Light sweet pea
Height: Can be grown as 3 foot hedge or as 10 foot climber


Image30: OleOle

Description: Vigorous; Rounded habit
Type: Grandiflora
Flower: Large double, Ruffled blooms; High centered; 50 petals; Repeats
Flower Color: Orange-red
Foliage Color: Glossy medium green
Fragrant: Slightly fruity
Height:  Medium



Image31: Orange SlippersOrange Slippers

Common Name: Golden Slippers; Orange Slippers
Description: Sturdy; Good container or edging rose; Spreading habit; Resistant to mildew; prone to develop blackspot; needs good soil
Type: Floribunda
Flower: Double blooms open flat; color fades with age; 20 petals
Flower Color: Bright orange-gold
Foliage Color:  Glossy
Fragrant: Strong
Bloom Time: Summer to fall
Height: 2 feet