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Plant Pathology
Image2: Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

The disease of mango is incited by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz.  It affects all the above ground parts of the plant particularly leaves, petioles, twigs, blossoms and fruits. It is one of the important post-harvest diseases of mango.

Powdery Mildew
Image1: Oidium mangiferae

The disease of mango is caused by Oidium mangiferae  Berthet. The disease affects inflorescence, leaves and young fruits. The white superficial powdery growth of the fungus comprising a large number of conidia borne on conidiophores.

Pests and Diseases of Guava

Guava trees are seriously damaged by the citrus flat mite, Brevipa1pus californicus. The guava tree is attacked by 80 insect species, including 3 bark-eating caterpillars (Indarbella spp.) and the guava scale in India, but this and other scale insects are generally kept under control by their natural enemies. The green shield scale, Pulvinaria psidii, requires chemical measures in Florida, as does the guava white fly, Trialeurodes floridensis, and a weevil, Anthonomus irroratus, which bores holes in the newly forming fruits.

Plants and Common Pests
Image of Common Plant Pests

Pests are most often because these causes damage to plants through feeding on crops or parasitising livestock, such as Aphids on Alder (Alnus), or Fourlined plant bug on Rose ( Rosa).


Image of Die back of mango treeMango (Mangifera sp.) suffers from several diseases at all stages of its life. All the parts of the plant, namely, trunk, branch, twig, leaf, petiole, flower and fruit are attacked by a number of pathogens including fungi, bacteria and algae. They cause several kinds of rot , die back , anthracnose , scab , necrosis, blotch, spots, mildew , etc. Some of these diseases like powdery mildew are of great economic importance as they cause heavy losses in mango production.

Pests and diseases of Litchi

Image of LitchiLitchi is a tropical fruit tree native to southern China. It is also commonly found in Madagascar, India (Muzaffarpur), Bangladesh, Pakistan, southern Taiwan, northern Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Southern Africa. Scientific name is Litchi chinenis Sonn. It is a medicinal plants, provide meaningful inputs for drugs.

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