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Mixed Vegetable Soup

Image of Mixed vegetables soupIngredients: Vegetables of your choice: cauliflower, potatoes,  carrots, beans, etc.; Potatoes - 2 medium size; Carrots - 2 medium size; Onions - 2 medium size; Beans - 10 nos; Shelled green peas - ½ cup; Cauliflower - 1 piece (100 gms approx.); Cayenne pepper powder - 1 Tbsp; Cumin powder - 1 Tbsp; Tomato paste - 2 Tbsp; Garlic powder - 1tsp; Vegetable stock - 4 cups; Brown sugar - 1 Tbsp; Salt & pepper to taste.

Bitter Melon Fry/ Karela vaji

Image of Bitter Melon FryIngredients: Bitter Melon - 5 (Fresh), Mustard seeds- 1tsp, Curry leaves - few, Turmeric - 0.5tsp, Salt to taste, Chilli  - 5, Garlic clovespowder - 1tsp, Oil - 4tsp.

Home Decorating With Plants

Image1: Home Decorating With PlantsHome decor should aim at creating a welcoming feeling and make guest feel at home. It may also be based on themes. Plants make beautiful additions to any room’s decor. A vase or two of fresh flowers is one of the fastest ways to add life and color to a room. Interior design depends on the size of the rooms and the place location the house is situated. Here are a few tips for decorating with plants you might find helpful.

The Grain of Rice
Image1: Rice grain

Rice is an annual plant, which means it completes its entire life cycle within a year. Rice can grow to 1–1.8 m tall, occasionally more depending on the variety and soil fertility. Rice plants start their life as tiny rice grains sown in irrigated fields, and grow to become green, grassy plants about one meter tall. Each plant contains many heads full of tiny rice grains which turn golden when the rice plant is ready to harvest.

Bitterroot Plant

The flower of Bitterroot plant

British Columbia to southern California; east to Colorado, and Montana. The Bitterroot plant is a low-growing perennial with a fleshy taproot and a simple or branched base. It grows in open woodlands and sagebrush shrublands with pine, oak or juniper in many soil types such as shale, sand, clay, granite, serpentine, or talus.

Plant fossils

Image2b: Fossil of AraucariaPlants are often preserved as fossils.  Such fossils may be prehistoric impressions that are many millions of years old, or bits of charcoal that are only a few hundred years old. Prehistoric plants are various groups of plants that lived before recorded history (before about 3500 BC).

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