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Daucus carota

Image of Daucus carotaDaucus carota is a flowering plant. It is a variable biennial plant, usually growing up to 1 m tall and flowering from June to August. The umbels are claret-coloured or pale pink before they open, then bright white and rounded when in full flower, measuring 3–7 cm wide with a festoon of bracts beneath.

Datura stramonium

Image of Datura stramoniumDatura stramonium is the botanical name of the plant more commonly known as jimsonweed. It is an erect annual herb forming a bush up to 3–5 ft (1–1.5 m) tall. Their leaves are soft, irregularly undulate, and toothed.

Datura metel

Image of Datura metelDatura metel grows in the wild in all the warmer parts of the world, and is cultivated worldwide for its chemical and ornamental properties. It is an annual herb growing up to 3 ft. high.

Dalbergia sissoo

Image of Dalbergia sissooDalbergia sissoo is a medium to large deciduous tree. It can grow up to a maximum of 25 m in height and 2 to 3 m in diameter, but is usually smaller. Trunks are often crooked when grown in the open.

Dalbergia latifolia

Image of Dalbergia latifoliaDalbergia latifolia is predominantly a single-stemmed deciduous tree with a dome shaped crown of lush green foliage, which on wet sites are not shed. The trees reach a height of 20-40 m with a girth of 1.5-2m. Their bark is gray.

Dactyloctenium aegyptium
Image of Dactyloctenium aegyptium

Dactyloctenium aegyptium mostly grows in heavy soils at damp sites.

Cyperus rotundus

Image of Cyperus rotundusCyperus rotundus is a common perennial weed in Suriname; herbaceous perennial with purple - brown, bisexual flowers. Their fruits are achenes; It grows up to 2½' tall. Their leaves are dark green, grass-like, with a prominent vein on the underside.

Cynodon dactylon

Image of Cynodon dactylonCynodon dactylon is fast growing and tough, making it popular and useful for sports fields, as when damaged it will recover quickly. Their blades are a grey-green colour and are short, usually 2–15 centimetres (0.79–5.9 in) long with rough edges.

Cymbopogon citratus

Image of Cymbopogon citratusCymbopogon citratus, commonly known as lemon grass as well as oil grass, is a tropical plant from Southeast Asia which is often sold in stem form. It has a citrus flavor and can be dried and powdered, or used fresh.

Cycas rumphii

Image of Cycas rumphiiThe plants are dioecious. It is unique among the cycads in not forming seed cones on female plants, but rather a group of leaf-like structures each with seeds on the lower margins, and pollen cones on male individuals.

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