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Research Paper
Effect of Arsenic on Different crop plants

Image of leaf burning of V. sinensisAbstract: In the present work effect of arsenic (As) on seed germination, growth activities, metabolic activities and internal structure was investigated in seven varieties of crop plants at three growth stages e.g; a) germination , b) vegetative and c) flowering.  The concentrations of As(III) was in the range of 10-50 ppm. Arsenic inhibited the total germination activity of the seeds of V. radiata  and V. unguiculata at 10 ppm, but comparatively less inhibitory effect was noted in T. aestivum and P. sativum even at 50 ppm As.  The sequence of germination (%) in control was: P. sativum > T. aestivum = V. radiata> O. sativa = V. unguiculata> A. esculentus and at 10 ppm As was P. sativum> T. aestivum> A. esculentus> O. sativa> V. sinensis.