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Oil skin care for Winter

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During Winter, skin lost its luster mainly due to the lack of angry water. Perhaps you have done enough work pay, but also try to lock in moisture with the cream, but the results are poor, this is because the winter cycle in the burnout of the skin. How to improve the skin’s self-mobility, and at that point when the oil out, may wish to use skin care products containing essential oils to help balance the skin’s circulation.

Compared to the ring on a variety of skin care nutrients, essential oils can be said that the name “plant blood” under the banner of the airborne. Extracted from roots, stems, leaves, fruits and other essential oils in different parts of the skill on the penetration of natural advantage there. Because essential oils of aromatic molecules are very tiny, very easy to penetrate into the blood from the skin, tissue and secretion systems, so there are amazing and rapid effect, but also because a number of molecular particles of essential oils like hormone, the body’s own hormones and the role of cross after response to a direct impact on the body and mind, the use of natural plant essence, through the skin, the meridian to the nervous system, hormonal system, blood system, immune system, help the body to relieve physical and mental, metabolic conditioning, to promote mental health and function of pleasure. The effectiveness of such internally and externally, of course, the skin in the winter playing for a “collaboration from within” turnaround.

Effectiveness of multi-skilled select

On oil products is not a single, large classes to be divided into unilateral oil, compound oil, essential oils and products containing essential oils. If you have time to understand the essential oil, the most simple, safe use of essential oils is to use products containing these products do not stimulate the known natural. Here are some particularly useful in winter, essential oils can be skin for your reference: thyme essential oils can promote skin metabolism, help to boost morale; Neroli essential oils for dry, sensitive skin, not only for the winter, keep the skin moist, You can also play a whitening effect; jasmine essential oil to promote skin dynamic circulation, especially to help relieve stress; lavender essential oil is the most widely used essential oils to promote cell regeneration with magical energy, and can purify the skin, improving the pores; rose essential oil is the liquid gold, in particular, aging skin. Of course, some components extracted by the rare plants are also of great temptation.

Massage help absorb the ground

Be sure to use products with essential oil massage, because the face is the most sensitive part of the taste, just need to use every 5-10 minutes, you can relax tense muscles expression, to bring effective relief to the nervous system. Introduce a simple, easy way, can be applied as a routine way to use skin care products.

  • Forehead area of the middle finger gently push and pull from the bottom up to the hair root.
  • Qingcuo ring around the nose with the aroma of essential oils that enter the respiratory system.
  • With the middle finger to the temple from the brow and gently rub the eyelid at the direction of 8 characters, as drawn massage.
  • The side with the middle finger to the nose from the bridge of the nose under the direction of downward spiral massage, and then push from the nose to the ear.
  • With the index finger and thumb gently pinching jaws, sliding from the middle to the right and left.
  • With the middle finger and ring finger from under the lips to the ear lobe, according to a small spiral way from the mouth to the ear central direction from the nose to gently massage the temples.
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