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Pot Marigold for Healing Skin Problems

Pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) is native to southern and central Europe. The lovely golden flowers of it are not just nice to look at, they also contain many healing properties. These golden flowers have long been a favorite of many traditional herbalists.

 Image of Pot Marigold for Healing Skin Problems

Once it was used in the treatment of smallpox and measles. These days it is still widely in use in many patent homeopathic remedies.

The active compounds found in marigold have the quality of stimulating blood circulation and speeding up the healing periods. Marigold flowers contain a bitter compound, volatile oil. They have healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing effects. They are a considerable source of flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin C, proteins and resins, among others. The contained bio-flavonoids reduce the fragility of the capillary blood vessels.

In treating dry sensible skin, it is recommended that the marigold oil be used which speeds up the healing, has energizing and soothing effects and can also strengthen the vascular fragility of blood circulation. The oil is also recommended in skin inflammations and also in treating bruises and eczemas.

Against skin cancer as well as birth marks or dark spots marigold juice is recommended.

The petals of the pot marigold can be applied to the skin externally to treat a variety of skin problems and inflammations. The petals can also be taken internally to treat a variety of gynecological, toxic and feverish conditions.

There are many ways to prepare the pot marigold plant's petals to make several kinds of herbal remedies. One of the best and easiest ways to prepare the petals is through the method of infusion. Infuse the petals in hot water and make a hot tea to treat menopausal problems, to ease the pain of menstruation, and to treat gastritis.